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Alice in Wonderland 3-D

Ever since news came out that Tim Burton would be making a live version of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter, fans have waited with bated breath. By now if you were planning on going to see the movie you probably already have, so it is safe to talk about it.

Now I am a huge fan of Tim Burton, the Mad Hatter, and the insanity of the Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass books. The movie was based more on Alice Through the Looking Glass (about when she was grown) with a flashback to the original Alice in Wonderland. This was a movie that was better in 3-D, but wasn’t crucial. In fact the best thing about the movie was the graphics. The movie was short and the story seemed a bit rushed. There were little continuity problems (the cuts on Alice’s are getting better and worse depending on the scene) but nothing that took away from the movie as a whole. That being said it was still worth the experience, even if it is just to see for yourself if Deep’s dancing ruins the movie.

Once one of your favorite actors, actresses, directors, etc. takes on a role you will always be more excited to see it than a film without someone you have an interest in seeing. I can’t decide if I am being to hard or too easy on Alice in Wonderland, but it is worth seeing especially if you can still see it in 3-D.


Google Chrome Reviewed

Welcome to the new age of the Internet, the era of Google Chrome. Does the world really need a new web browser with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and countless other options? The answer is no, but did the Net need another email company or instant messenger service when Gmail debuted? There is no dispute that Google is the best search engine out there, and they are slowly taking over the complete Internet experience. You have your search engine, email, IM, blogs, and now even your browser all through one company. Convenient and monopolistic, but not in an evil AOLtype way.

So how does Google Chrome stack up against the other competition out there? Well I predict that within 18 months Chrome will be more popular than Firefox and be the standard for all those non-Mac users that hate Internet Explorer. Chrome has a setup similar to Firefox but it throws in its own phrases for the options menu (Under the Hood, Minor Tweaks, etc). One very attractive feature is an automatically enabled blocker that prevents against redirects to known virus sites. Chrome is very user friendly, storing your most frequently visited sites and most recent sites on the homepage. The only negative I have seen is an occasional need to refresh once you have been on the same page for a few minutes, but that seems to occur mostly on pages that say they are not Chrome compatible. All in all Chrome puts Internet Explorer to shame but it hasn’t quite passed Firefox for my browser of choice.