Every generation has its bullies in the world of sports. Mike Tyson was once one of the most feared men on the planet, and he brought boxing huge amounts of media attention, both positive and negative. While everyone remembers his infamous ear biting and low blows, I have always been a fan of his words more than his actions. The wrestling fan in me always loves a good promo that can whip a crowd into a frenzy. Tyson knew how to talk the talk, and was the best at athlete with a mic in his hands since Ali. Hearing Tyson threatening to eat Lennox Lewis’s children was disturbing but brilliant. Tyson’s verbal ability has never wavered even with his questionable mental stability and side show atmosphere on the rise. While Tyson’s boxing career may be over, he will always stop the presses when he opens his mouth. The bad guy promo torch may now have been passed to a new athlete in an increasingly popular sport.

MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the UFC is the alpha male company in the mixed martial arts world. The UFC received a bad rap from its Fight Club style beginning, but it has grown into a well organized, officially sanctioned, and extremely profitable organization. With the recent 100th Pay Per View for UFC, a new king of the heels may have been crowned. Brock Lesnar started as a dominant member of the WWE, but grew tired of the physical grind and hectic schedule. He gave up millions of dollars per year to try out for the NFL and eventually enter the world of MMA. Lesnar’s natural abilities as a wrestler and his intimidating size made him a natural and he was soon on the fast track to success. Lesnar was signed by the UFC after one pro bout, but ran into a rookie mistake against veteran Frank Mir. Lesnar was pounding Mir until he made one false move and was forced to submit. A rematch would be a huge sell, and in the meantime Lesnar won the UFC title fromHall of Fame star Randy Couture. At UFC 100 Lesnar would get a chance to avenge his only professional loss. He destroyed the trash talking Mir and left him a bloody mess. Lesnar’s post match taunting of Mir and the crowd (as well as a few hand gestures for good measure) left him smiling amongst a chorus of boos. Despite a public frowning on Lesnar’s action, UFC had to be thrilled with the further acceleration of the new bad boy of the octagon.

Brock Lesnar quickly became just what the UFC needed, not just a larger-than-life star, but a person people could pay to boo. Lesnar is the person you love to hate, the no nonsense star that has talent and knows it. He is better than everyone else and could prove it everyday. He is a money making machine built like a modern day Goliath. Not only can UFC make millions of his star power, but the person that eventually takes his title will instantly become a larger than life star. What better way to build a hero than by constructing an indestructible villain for him to defeat? Lesnar is a natural villain and stepping up his verbal abuse of his opponents only make him more hated, thus more marketable. Barring injury, Lesnar could compete in MMA for another decade. He has the ability to be the new face of MMA, allowing veterans like Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, and Randy Couture to pass the torch to the new and ever improving sport of MMA.