Why do people bring baseball gloves to a game and not use them (or bring them at all)? I went to a college hockey game once and a guy tried to catch a puck from an errant slap shot of the stick a hulking Swedish defenseman. The puck ended up twenty rows past the guy and his thumb was still snapped back to his wrist. Accidents happen so hang up the f’n phone!

The headline pretty much says it all. The video — for now anyway —can be seen at Deadspin. Wait for the slow-mo, which renders the fan’s divinely-deigned fate all the clearer.  Sadly, it doesn’t appear as though he’s talking on an iPhone, but let us not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

Best part: the girl who brought her glove to the game and was standing right next to cell phone guy actually backed away from the ball rather than try to field it.  I’d like to think that this was intentional and that she knew full well her role in this fan’s cosmic comeuppance.