Dez Bryant was a talented Wide Receiver at Oklahoma State but he did have his issues with the law and injuries, as well as a bad attitude. It was no secret that his past was going to take him from a top five pick in the NFL Draft to the bottom of the first round, costing him millions of dollars in future bonuses and salary. What Bryant needed was something to cheer him up. So when Bryant meet with the Miami Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland he told Bryant a few “Yo Momma” jokes to lighten the mood (YO MOMMA might have been the best show on MTV, EVER). No harm right?

Ireland led off with “Is yo momma still a prostitute?” and then “Yo momma still a druggie?”. I admit not the most creative jokes, but what do you expect from a middle-aged football executive? Well he was serious and actually asked Bryant these questions, during his pre-draft interview. For somereason Bryant was irate, but kept his cool. Ireland later apologized for the questions, and could face punishment from the NFL.

This little too good to be true story runs the gambit of feelings for me. I can understand the rage and embarrassment Bryant felt, but was Ireland out of line? If you are investing millions of dollars in a player you want to make sure he can keep his cool. You wouldn’t expect those questions in a normal job interview, but for that much money and public scrutiny, you could make up questions, stories, or limericks, about anyone in my family and I would deal with it.

Bryant will hear trash talking that is far worse on the field, but how you handle yourself in an unusual situation can be crucial. What would the story have been if Bryant flipped out and hit Ireland? Who would be the bad guy then? Ireland was out of line for what fans and players are used to, but who drew that line? If a coach or opponent can get a player to punch, kick, spit at, choke, or pull a gun on someone else, do we need to throw curveballs like this at people that may be prone to snapping and causing more damage later? Food for thought.